Welcome to the Center of Algorithmic and Robotized Synthesis, CARS, where algorithms and robots guide chemical synthesis and discovery of new reactions, functional molecules and materials. CARS is led by Prof. Bartosz Grzybowski who has pioneered the use of computers for synthesis planning as in  Chematica/Synthia and Allchemy programs (see Nature, 586, 57-63, 2020; Nature 604, 668-676, 2022; Nature 625, 508-515, 2024; Science 369, eaaw1955, 2020; Science 378, 399-405, 2022). At CARS, we are at the very front of the ongoing chemical AI revolution and combine it with chemical robotics - that is, our artificial intelligence algorithms plan the syntheses and our robots execute them, often under close-loop control, to navigate towards optimal solutions.  If you are interested in the applications of AI to the molecular world, if you ever dreamt of machines that would make molecules, then CARS is likely the only place in Asia (and one of very few in the world) where you can now see this dream materializing!


Some of the projects we currently pursue at CARS include:


Algorithmic design of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts

Robotized discovery of atom-efficient reactions for sustainable chemistry

Close-loop evolution of functional materials 

Robotics for studying cascades of chemical and enzymatic reactions

Discovery of biologically-active small molecules

Theory of chemical reaction networks

Light-driven chemical robots
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