Zhijie Yang's work on multi-responsive surfactants was published in Nature
    Jianke Sun joined our group
    The work of Olgierd wins the award of Best Photo in
    We published our paper to Nanotechnology
    Cutting edge research in diverse field of science
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    Discovery and enumeration of organic-chemical and biomimetic reaction cycles wit..
    Systems of mechanized and reactive droplets powered by multi-responsive surfacta..
    Linguistic measures of chemical diversity and chemical keywords in natural products, drugs..
    The influence of distant substrates on the outcome of contact electrification
    Syntheses of medicinally-relevant molecules planned by computer and executed in the labora..
    Levy walks of metastatic cancer cells revealed in microfabricated systems and implicated i..
    Metal-Organic Framework "Swimmers" with Energy-Efficient Autonomous Motility
    Heterogeneous Catalysis

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