Our work was highlighted in C&EN's Research of the Year 2020
    Article on rotating reactors featured on cover of Nature
    Scientists design nanopartices that kill cancer cells by crystallizing in lysosomes
    Zhijie Yang's work on multi-responsive surfactants was published in Nature
    Olgierd Cybulski wins 2018 IBS Art in Science Best Photo award
    Cutting edge research in diverse fields of science
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    On-Nanoparticle Gating Units Render an Ordinary Catalyst Substrate- and Site-Sel..
    Concentric liquid reactors for chemical synthesis and separation
    Chemist Ex Machina: Advanced Synthesis Planning by Computers
    Synthetic planning, reaction discovery and design of chemical systems using computers
    Chematica: A story of computer code that started to think like a chemist
    Mixed-Charge, pH-Responsive Nanoparticles for Selective Interactions with Cells, Organelle..
    Computational planning of the synthesis of complex natural products
    Synthetic connectivity, emergence, and self-regeneration in the network of prebiotic chemi..

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