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Our recent paper on responsible use of chemical AI was featured in Forbes magazine


The new paper on how chemical AI could help governments limit fentanyl supply was featured in Forbes magazine.


Catalyst: Curtailing the scalable supply of fentanyl by using chemical AI. 

Barbara Mikulak-Klucznik, Tomasz Klucznik, Wiktor Beker, Martyna Moskal & Bartosz A. Grzybowski

Chem  (2024)DOI:


Check out the original paper here


Read also the companion piece by Rick Bright from Bright Global Health on the promises and perils of AI-powered drug synthesis.    












Posted on April 29, 2024



Prof. Grzybowski was appointed a director of the IBS Center of Algorithmic and Robotized Synthesis (CARS) 


In the Pipeline blog announces a new chapter in chemical AI 

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