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Article: Blockchain computing reveals that primitive metabolism may have evolved without enzymes


Emergence of metabolic-like cycles in blockchain-orchestrated reaction networks. Chem 10, 1-9 (2024). 


Rafal Roszak, Agnieszka Wolos, Marcin Benke, Lukasz Glen, Jakub Konka, Phillip Jensen, Pawel Burgchardt, Anna Zadlo-Dobrowolska, Piotr Janiuk, Sara Szymkuc, Bartosz A Grzybowski*


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This paper was featured in the news article by AAAs and EurekAlert!












Posted on February 1, 2024



Prof. Grzybowski has been appointed as director of IBS Center for Algorithmic and Robotized Synthesis 


Article: AI helps discover superior perovskite oxide electrocatalysts 

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