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Article: Watch Yaroslav's trajectoids rolling down pre-programmed, periodic paths


A team of scientists designed an algorithm that programs 3D objects of arbitrary shapes, so-called trajectoids, to roll along pre-determined, periodic paths. Watch a short video on fascinating trajectoids hereThis work was featured on the cover of Nature and may find application to robotics and quantum physics. Read more on this in Nature's News & Views article here. 


Read the original article here. 

Solid-body trajectoids shaped to roll along desired pathways.

Yaroslav I. Sobolev, Ruoyu Dong, Tsvi Tlusty, Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Steve Granick & Bartosz A. Grzybowski. 

Nature 620, 310 -315 (2023).














Posted on August 16, 2023



Prof. Grzybowski gave plenary lecture at IUPAC's Connecting Chemical Worlds conference 


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