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Prof. Grzybowski delivers keynote lecture in 2023 Bowei Research Conference in Taiwan


2023 Bowei Research Conference (BRC) "New Frontiers in Molecular Engineering" was held in Kending, Taiwan from Jan 3 - Jan 5. 


Prof. Grzybowski delivered keyonote lecture titled "Synthesis, processes and reaction discovery in the age of computers" on Jan 3. 


On Jan 6, he presented a talk "AI-driven close-loop optimization of syntheses and catalysts" in post-meeting symposium hosted by National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) in Kaohsiung. 


Read more about 2023 BRC here


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Posted on January 9, 2023



We welcome Yitan Li to our group! 


Belated welcome to Rafal Frydrych! 

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