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Belated welcome to Rafal Frydrych!


During his Ph.D. studies at the University of Wroclaw, Poland (with Prof. Marcin Stepien), Rafal Frydrych worked on the synthesis, crystal engineering, and host-guest properties of curved nanocarbons.


Selected publications from his Ph.D. work:

JACS cover 40/2020

Selected for JACS Spotlight


Rafal joined our lab in September. His current research interests include multistep organic synthesis, AI-based robots for multicomponent reactions and dynamic combinatorial/covalent chemistry, self-replication process in chemical systems, nuclear magnetic resonance, and HPLC.












Posted on December 27, 2022



Prof. Grzybowski delivers keynote lecture in 2023 Bowei Research Conference in Taiwan 


Our open-source software for detection of lysosome active transport is available now! 

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