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Apply to UNIST's masters/doctoral programs online from 2022.6.27 - 2022.7.6


The Grzybowski Group Korea is currently looking for new masters and doctoral students. Apply  to UNIST's Chemistry department or Energy and Chemical Engineering department  by submitting documents online here.   


If you would like to apply through a different department, please contact us and we will guide you through the process. Students with expertise/ interest in biological sciences, biomedical engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence are welcome. 

Both Korean and international students are encouraged to apply! 


Next application deadline for Spring 2023 semester is 2022.6.27 - 2022.7.6  . 


Stipends are generously funded by Institute for Basic Science (IBS), South Korea.  


Please e-mail Prof. Grzybowski at before applying. Feel free to stop by and arrange lab tour!


Posted on June 21, 2022



Congratulations to Diana for defending her Ph.D. thesis with flying colors!  


Chemists apply artificial intelligence to repurpose chemical waste into valuable medicines 

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