Grzybowski Group Publications : 2000s   




Modeling the Kinetics of Acylation of Insulin using a Recursive Method for Solving the Systems of Coupled Differential Equations
  B.A. Grzybowski, J.R.  Anderson, I. Colton, S.T. Brittain, E.I. Shakhnovich & G.M.Whitesides*

Biophys. J. 78, 652 (2000)





Biospecific Binding of Carbonic Anhydrase to Mixed SAMs Presenting Benzenesulfonamide Ligands:??A Model System for Studying Lateral Steric Effects
  J. Lahiri, L. Isaacs, B.A. Grzybowski, J. Carbeck & G.M. Whitesides*

Langmuir 15, 7186 (1999)



Making negative Poisson's ratio microstructures by soft lithography

B. Xu, F. Arias, S.T.  Brittain, M. Zhao, B.A. Grzybowski, S. Torquato & G.M. Whitesides*

Adv. Mater. 11, 1186-1189, 1999



Mesoscale Self-Assembly of Hexagonal Plates Using Lateral Capillary Forces: Synthesis Using the "Capillary Bond"
  N. Bowden, I.S. Choi, B.A. Grzybowski & G.M. Whitesides*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 121, 5373 (1999)



Beam redirection and frequency filtering with transparent elastomeric diffractive elements

B.A. Grzybowski, D.  Qin, & G.M. Whitesides*

Appl. Opt. 38, 2997 (1999)



Thermally actuated interferometric sensors based on the thermal expansion of transparent elastomeric media

B.A. Grzybowski, S.T. Brittain & G.M. Whitesides*

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 70, 2031 (1999)





Generation of Micrometer-Sized Patterns for Microanalytical Applications Using a Laser Direct-Write Method and Microcontact Printing

B.A. Grzybowski, R. Haag, N. Bowden & G.M. Whitesides*

Anal. Chem. 70, 4645 (1998)





Laser-induced fluorescence studies of jet-cooled S2O: Axis-switching and predissociation effects

Q.G. Zhang, P. Dupre, B.A. Grzybowski, & P.H. Vaccaro*

J. Chem. Phys. 103, 67-79, (1995)


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